Ken-Rock Community Center

Ken Rock Softball becomes latest Covid-19 Cancellation

Dear Softball Parents-
I come to you with disappointing news. As hard as we have tried to overcome the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic issues to provide a 2020 Youth Softball Season, we did not get enough children to enroll and we will be cancelling the upcoming season herunterladen.

We will be processing refunds this week and you will receive full registration fees back to you as promptly as we can wo kann ich von youtube kostenlos lieder herunterladen. If you would like your fees directed into a different direction to the Center or for 2021 Softball Registration please email me you wishes. Again we are so sorry, but once the pandemic hit during the middle of March, many parents became conservative and failed to enroll their children despite extending the deadline twice netflix film herunterladen handy.

We find ourselves in some unusual yet unprecedented times and unfortunately, we couldn’t overcome the financial devastation that many families are incurring and sadly, softball season became a casualty nacon revolution pro profile herunterladen. I wanted to let you know once we realized the season wasn’t going to happen in hopes you can find another program.

I do hope that you register next spring for the 2021 season app. We will be back, better than ever.

John Guth

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