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Come join us . . .there's a neighborhood inside!


Ken-Rock Community Center provides opportunities in Recreation, Education and Social Services that impact  Lives Every Day. So Can You!
You know our programs.  You or your loved ones have most likely participated in several of them.  Senior citizens enjoy our luncheons, health fairs, clinics, and special programs.  Adults have taken a computer class or joined a club or volunteer activity.  Parents know the quality and value of our sports programs.  Kids love everything they do at Ken-Rock, whether it is sports, classes or our after school and summer activities.  Individuals and families receive assistance or services in countless ways through our social service networking and programming

Thank you for helping Ken-Rock continue to be the strong, secure, neighborhood community center it has been for over 70 years.  Your financial support, no matter how large or small will be appreciated more than you know.

Your gift today will help us provide the life-changing programs and guidance that makes our Center successful. Working together, we can reach the next generation of youth who will transform themselves and our community,

Because today and every day a new story begins. Help us make the next successful story. It all starts with you. 

Here’s how YOU help!



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